Friday, December 18, 2009

Playgroup Zoo Trip

This year our Playgroup Christmas party was at the Zoo. We were very lucky this year to be joined by Granny, Grampa and Aunty Angelina.

We all brought our own morning tea - of course the kids were more interested in playing in the playground! and then we got a visit from the man in the red suit! Xander was the only child who remembered (from what i could hear) his manners, loud and clear everyone heard,
Thank You." So proud.

Xander was keen to stay the whole trip in the pram.

While Esmee was Miss Indepedent alternately strolling (or rather strutting!) along or having rides on Grampa's shoulders!

Really funny. All in all a really fab day.

The animals seemed to be having an off day today.

We saw some action - the Rhinos had a bit of a fight. The peacock had it's feathers on full display and even some smaller birds had a fight.

At the end when we were having an ice cream we could hear the monkeys going at it too.

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