Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Home Ownership

After two months of rental hunting and three weeks of open homes and private viewings, we have joined the ranks of home ownership. Almost. We put in an offer which, after re-negotiation, was accepted after only 1 hour!
Now we need to await approval of the LIM, finance and builders report, and then we get the keys.
Move in date is 10 February which is super fast (much to the lawyers disgust!) but this can be negotiated earlier subject to the above being all okay. This is so exciting.
Obviously we can't show photos until the house is completely ours but when it is prepared to be bombarded!
So we are super busy packing and tidying. With the help of Granny and Grampa it is going super fast.
But it has come at the perfect time as we have to be out of our rental by Feb 12th anyway - totally cutting it fine!


Nicole said...

Congrats and good luck! Very exciting :)
Have been catching up with your blogs (you are a busy girl!) so you may notice a few comments from me on your writng blog too :)

Take care & my love to your family

Kerrin said...

Hey Nicole! I don't have your email address anymore so email me at kerrinhearfield AT hotmail DOT com.
Great to hear from you!