Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Quick Update

Over the holidays, both our amazing kids did some amazing things that i thought worth mentioning.
Yes, Xander hurt his arm, but thankfully he didn't actually break it - it was a 'greenstick fracture' which is more of a bad bend in a very young bone.
Xander can now swing himself on a swing! He is so proud of himself and our last venture to the park he spent the entire time on the swing.
Esmee is mostly toilet trained. She wears nappies only at night time and only when we go out and i am unsure how long we will be out and/or where/when we will have access to a toilet. She is doing really well, and just this week has had no accidents. It's even gotten to the stage where she gets upset to even go in her nappy at night!
You may not think these huge events, but i do :)

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