Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Today is the first day of the rest of Esmee's life.
This morning she slept in and then got dressed without a fuss, brushed her teeth and then donned her kindy bag and hat.

A little bit shy at first when we walked in the door, she quickly pointed out her own name on the board and then hung up her bag.

Straight to the playdough table and then into the paints.

Mat time was heaps of fun with singing and actions and even balloons.

I left her to it after an hour and a half without a fuss. She is going to have a ball!
And you know what? I think it's even better that she's at a Kindy without big brother there -although he would be helpful and protective, it is good for Esmee to find her own way. Good luck sweetheart!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Moving In

Moving Day (Wednesday 10th) was filled with anticipation and frustration. Everything was tied up at our end by 9am but we didn't hear from the other party until 2pm!
Luckily we had the use of the Lodge truck and had already finished loading it up with the first load when we got the call saying we could come and collect the keys.

Dave came up to help with the move and even Esmee helped.

Of course no first home is complete without the customary being carried over the threshold!

Esmee had heaps of fun setting up her new room while i put boxes in rooms as the guys loaded and unloaded the truck with our boxes and furniture. Pam came and helped do a quick clean (the new house was very clean to start with!) as we put in the big furniture and then Henny and Angelina surprised us by showing up on Thursday morning.

All of this happened in a very quick timeframe so i may be a bit fuzzy on details. Anyway we got to cleaning and unpacking most of the essentials and enjoying ourselves.
And shifting the firewood to the great covered alcove at the side of the house - Xander got the first maintenance job and he loved it!

Pam put on lunch on the first day and my friend Karina cooked us a beautiful dinner on our first night - which we enjoyed alfresco on our deck!

Thanks for all the help! Xander was entertained for a whole day at Rebecca's which was fabulous, so thanks for that too.

Now we have the monster job of unpacking the rest of the boxes, sorting out where to put everything and then deciding things like new lounge suite, t.v, paint or wall paper, landscaping...so much fun!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

First Photos

These are the photos taken when we had the pre purchase inspection which meant i could take photos!
So here are the first shots!





For some reason i didn't take any photos of the bedrooms or the bathroom, but i will put them up once we come back from wellington.

Monday, February 08, 2010

All grown up

Esmee had her first hair cut today.

I know. She is 2 years and nearly 5 months old and having her first hair cut. Alan finally got sick of me mentioning that she needed a tidy up. Sure it was finally at a length we could decently tie up in pigtails or a ponytail. It was untidy.

She was such a trooper. The whole way there saying, "Daddy hold my hand", but when it came to the crunch, nothing! Course it helped that there was a dvd player with High 5 playing!

The past two weeks she has also cut her top two molars and she even washed her own dishes. "Only cold water mummy" she informed me sternly when i filled the sink. Too cute.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Two Wheels

Xander has progressed to no trainer wheels.

A few months ago we were given our neighbours old bike for Esmee but it is a bit big, so instead we converted it to a 'balance' bike and took off the trainer wheels and pedals and Xander has been riding around on that. Esmee is still too little for it but we hope to get her a bike soon.

Today we took off the trainer wheels on Xander's bike and he had a go.

A few more days or weeks (depends on dedication and time!) and he will be on his own.