Monday, February 08, 2010

All grown up

Esmee had her first hair cut today.

I know. She is 2 years and nearly 5 months old and having her first hair cut. Alan finally got sick of me mentioning that she needed a tidy up. Sure it was finally at a length we could decently tie up in pigtails or a ponytail. It was untidy.

She was such a trooper. The whole way there saying, "Daddy hold my hand", but when it came to the crunch, nothing! Course it helped that there was a dvd player with High 5 playing!

The past two weeks she has also cut her top two molars and she even washed her own dishes. "Only cold water mummy" she informed me sternly when i filled the sink. Too cute.


Nicole said...

he is just the cutest lil imp!

Nicole said...

Ahh crud that didn't publish right *blush*

what I said was

awww she is just the cutest lil imp