Saturday, March 13, 2010

...and an artiste to boot!

We have enrolled Xander in soccer! Not sure exactly when he starts but last weekend we bought him his little boots and pants and socks and a ball and shin pads. It is so exciting! We have a briefing meeting on the 20th where we find out what team he'll be in and hopefully he'll be in one will some friends. But if not he'll still have a ball! hehe.

Our son is a rather talented artist. When he slows down and puts his mind to it. Here is his self portrait and a '3 day picture' which his teacher advises is more like a 7 day picture - it's a layered picture that Xander took away and did his own thing with!
We love the colours and the minute details. Usually there are just splashes of colours but no real drawing, which is cool because at this age it's not really expected, but then he rocks out something like these and it's like, WOW!

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