Friday, March 05, 2010

settling in and a play date

Esmee is settling in well at kindy. When i go to pick her up she has a huge smile on her face and is invariably at the front joining in the activity of mat time! The teachers comments are that she is constantly smiling and is so quiet! Guess she isn't that comfortable yet, so when she is i hope they are prepared for the storm of Esmee!!

We had an impromptu play date at Douglas' house last week and the kids enjoyed it! It's always so much fun playing with their toys.

Xander wrote a letter to Nanna. Such a clever wee man. Enjoy your new job in Taupo! He even drew her a family portrait to take with her for her office wall.

Esmee drew a self-portrait. such attention to detail. Eyes, fingers, toes, belly button. Following the footsteps of her brother!

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