Monday, March 29, 2010

Uncle Matt's Visit

We've been so lucky to have a special visitor the past week.
Uncle Matt!! He arrived on Monday morning while the kids were at kindy and has been with us all week. He joined us for music, read stories, sat on the mat at kindy (with other kids, not Xander and Esmee!), came along to see what happens at kindy. And a special lunch to McDonald's. But best of all, he helped Daddy put up the fort over the weekend! We really have moved and settled into the house now.
He even went along with Xander to the Kindy trip to the Donkey Farm which was extra special for Xander! (that will be an extra post on it's own).
This morning Uncle Matt left and the kids are a bit sad, but they had a great time. Thanks Uncle Matt, come back soon!

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