Friday, April 02, 2010

Fire Station, finally!

Playgroup have been a few times to the various fire stations in Hamilton over the years that i have been involved or going but every time we have missed it. First time Xander and i had terrible colds, second time Esmee was born only two days before the trip to the Anglesea St Station.
Until now! We went to the Pukete Fire Station!

Xander got the day off Kindy to come and both he and Esmee were so excited. We got to sit inside the Fire truck, stand on the front of the truck, meet the fire fighters and then something special... i got to try a different role for a few minutes and Xander got to too!

Then all the kids were in for a treat when the firetruck had it's siren and light show (it was a bit loud!) but heaps of fun!

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