Wednesday, May 19, 2010

It has begun!

We have broken ground. The design for our landscaping has been finished for about 2 months and we have been umming and ahhing and finally dug out the first clump of grass two weekend ago.

First alan had to buy some supplies. Esmee helped put together the wheelbarrow.

Then he mapped out where the path was going to go and started digging.

Oh no! We found the septic tank - had to dig that up and then fill it in....

So we used the stones from the garden at the side of the house, the kids helped with that, way too willing! Which was lucky because Alan found the spouting had no drain at the bottom so he created one - he hopes :)

Now we can get some nice plants for by the front door, of course when money allows ;) and start the path when all the digging is done!!

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