Friday, May 28, 2010

Player of the day!

Our little Giant was made Player of the day this weekend at the game! He was so stoked! At the end of the game the kids know it is time for Alan to announce who will take home the little trophy and honestly they couldn't get any closer to him. Xander was the first to say "Me!" when he asked who should take it home this week?
It was just too cute! He played an awesome game, saved about two goals and tried really hard.
Sadly they lost this time, their first loss, 3-15, it was a huge one. Our Giants are a bit scared of getting in there and kicking the ball away from the other team.
Alan is really awesome with them, instilling lots of fun into the game, which is what it is all about at this age. They have enough on their plates, don't need competition just yet, though we parents on the sidelines forget that while we're screaming, "kick the ball and "chase them". Hmm, note to self: less yelling on the field!

the team: Jayden, Jessica, Nathaniel, Stirling, Douglas and Xander


Nicole MacDonald said...

Congrats Xander! Well done ;)

Kerrin said...

thanks Nicole! He got a certificate with a voucher to mcdonalds and everyday asks if we can get his chicken wrap for lunch - we are going to wait until after the next game!