Sunday, June 27, 2010

Afraid of the dark?

I can't believe that Xander went willingly under the house yesterday with Alan while he measured the beams for underfloor insulation.
Apparently he is afraid of the dark, but here he was happy as anything to go under the musty, dank, dark house!

Friday, June 25, 2010

A special week

Alan went to Whangarei for work this past week, but we were lucky enough to have Granny and Grampa stay with us. And Aunty Angelina for the first weekend and Monday.
Of course Xander and Esmee were thoroughly spoilt!

Fluffies and cake nearly everyday.


Quality time with the grandparents.

I am lucky to have an immaculately clean house - how long with that last?! Thanks Henny! (I'll do my best.)
And we got lots of garden cleared and a pile of rubbish to the recycling centre.

Of course we missed Alan, but we always love it when Granny and Grampa come to stay :)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Xander's Goal

Today Xander scored a goal at soccer! The first goal of the game and virtually within the first two minutes of the game.

I videoed it, so once i figure out how to crop it from the whole thing and post it, i will :)
But in the mean time here is Xander's drawing of it!
The two tall green figures are the two coaches/refs. the red players are the Giants (Xander's team), and then you can see the ball going, in stages, directly to the goal! Such a clever wee man!

Sadly the Giants lost the game 11-3, but they had a great time.

Party Princess

Esmee has her first party by herself. Isla Bibby invited Esmee to her 3rd birthday party (without Xander!) and she was so excited.

All dressed up, with present and card off we went.
Lots of yummy party food, which i don't think she ate much of, and a little treasure hunt, then ripping into the presents, and of course the birthday cake.
Then Esmee declared she'd had enough and incredibly we were the first to leave! Unheard of for us, but of well. She had a good time!
Happy Birthday Isla!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Leader of the Pack

I was given the best compliment by Xander's kindy teacher last week. Anna has now left but before she did she made mention that our little man is very talented and such a lovely, lovely child.
I'm sure every parent is certain they have a gifted child on their hands, but already we have been told by various people that he is very talented, so maybe we aren't that biased!

Xander is also very obsessed at present with Peter and the Wolf. Kindy have been reading and listening to this
wonderful story almost daily and i have heard that it is mostly because of Xander!
He is always requesting it and he knows it by heart. He is always 'reading' it to the other kids too when the book is out.
I thought it would be cool when i saw it on uTube for him to watch it, so we did, But it turned out to be a bit scary (oops!) so he is now a bit scared of the dark!
But he still loves it!

Have a click on the below links to watch for yourselves to see what he is constantly on about with his peter and the wolf obsession! It is now my quest to find a copy of the book with a CD not a TAPE!

Saturday, June 12, 2010


Esmee is crazy about puzzles. Everyday she does all our puzzles at least a couple of times each.
She can do most of them by herself too.
Nanna bought us a couple of new ones to challenge us a bit more - thanks Nanna! - but she is quickly getting the hang of them as well.

It's lucky we have friends with puzzles as we are swapping to mix it up a bit too.
It's good to see we aren't glued to the t.v all the time!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

28 Candles

Yes my cake was very impressive! At least the kids thought so, it had heaps more candles than the 2 or 4 they are used to seeing!

I was gifted with some beautiful handmade cards from my children and husband and some books and a voucher for a laptop or iPad (so i can test it when it comes to NZ!).
Mum and dad came for the day and it was wonderful to have them. A nice quiet, rainy birthday!.

Xander the Wolf

Today is the Anna-mal Disco at Kindy in farewell to Xander's kindy teacher Anna.

Alan and i were up until 1am sewing a wolf costume for Xander. Why do i leave these things until the last minute?!
The hands and feet are removable but everything else is attached. We may make the sleeves detachable at a later date closer to his birthday as it is made from polar fleece and his birthday party is going to be an animal theme (well it had better be!!).

He was stoked and the everyone was suitably impressed at kindy so i wasn't too worried that he looked more like a cuddly grey teddy than a wolf! - I think the ears need to be more pointy (I can be more critical, i'm tired!!).

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

as an aside

a friend emailed me this fun mummy wars, olympic thing.
check it out. It's really funny!

Dirt, lots and lots of dirt. And a little fun!

Well. The pictures say a lot don't they! We, well Alan dug the path which will leads from the driveway to the washing line and the bbq area (still to be dug!).

Then while it was raining on Saturday we saw all the puddles on the lawn and figured the drain pipes weren't going anywhere so Alan has dug new ones. See all the new trenches? kind of like a fun maze huh?! Xander loved the huge hole! So he and Alan had a bit of fun!!

But of course now that big hole needs to be filled in with stones - from under the Yukas out the front. so on the fine days the kids will need to help me wheelbarrow them round and tip them into the hole, should be fun right?!