Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Dirt, lots and lots of dirt. And a little fun!

Well. The pictures say a lot don't they! We, well Alan dug the path which will leads from the driveway to the washing line and the bbq area (still to be dug!).

Then while it was raining on Saturday we saw all the puddles on the lawn and figured the drain pipes weren't going anywhere so Alan has dug new ones. See all the new trenches? kind of like a fun maze huh?! Xander loved the huge hole! So he and Alan had a bit of fun!!

But of course now that big hole needs to be filled in with stones - from under the Yukas out the front. so on the fine days the kids will need to help me wheelbarrow them round and tip them into the hole, should be fun right?!

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Constance said...

I bet the kids loved all that mud!!

Bet mummy loved cleaning it up too...lol

Just thought i would let you know that i have a link to your blog on my blog, (just so i can read it easier) if you would prefer it not to be there let me know :-)