Friday, June 18, 2010

Leader of the Pack

I was given the best compliment by Xander's kindy teacher last week. Anna has now left but before she did she made mention that our little man is very talented and such a lovely, lovely child.
I'm sure every parent is certain they have a gifted child on their hands, but already we have been told by various people that he is very talented, so maybe we aren't that biased!

Xander is also very obsessed at present with Peter and the Wolf. Kindy have been reading and listening to this
wonderful story almost daily and i have heard that it is mostly because of Xander!
He is always requesting it and he knows it by heart. He is always 'reading' it to the other kids too when the book is out.
I thought it would be cool when i saw it on uTube for him to watch it, so we did, But it turned out to be a bit scary (oops!) so he is now a bit scared of the dark!
But he still loves it!

Have a click on the below links to watch for yourselves to see what he is constantly on about with his peter and the wolf obsession! It is now my quest to find a copy of the book with a CD not a TAPE!

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Nicole MacDonald said...

Cute! And of course he's talented - how could he not be? *grin* With two talented parents something was bound to rub off