Thursday, June 10, 2010

Xander the Wolf

Today is the Anna-mal Disco at Kindy in farewell to Xander's kindy teacher Anna.

Alan and i were up until 1am sewing a wolf costume for Xander. Why do i leave these things until the last minute?!
The hands and feet are removable but everything else is attached. We may make the sleeves detachable at a later date closer to his birthday as it is made from polar fleece and his birthday party is going to be an animal theme (well it had better be!!).

He was stoked and the everyone was suitably impressed at kindy so i wasn't too worried that he looked more like a cuddly grey teddy than a wolf! - I think the ears need to be more pointy (I can be more critical, i'm tired!!).


Nicole MacDonald said...

*hehehe* soooo cute!

Kerrin said...

thanks! even without the costume he is adorable!
i love how Esmee looks a little scared, haha!

Constance said...

Thats an awesome costume.

Does he want to sleep in it! i would. so cosy with winter coming up.
I'm sitting at my computer wrapped in a patchwork quilt ( of black and pink butterflies i might add)

no one will worry about the ears when the rest looks like that. Looks awesome!! well done

Kerrin said...

thanks Pix! its was fun and tiring making it, worth his excitement in the morning!! he didn't want to sleep in it but he did want to wear it the next day lol!