Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Surprise outing

Alan took us out for a surprise outing on Sunday. We climbed into the car early in the morning with packed bags. At the turn off to Taupo and Rotorua i was Rotorua!
But where to in Rotorua?
That was made clear when we turned at a sign with a giant poster saying 'COME AND PAT A LION CUB'. OMG!! I was more excited than the kids, because they can't read yet and were a bit dubious...
He is 6 months old, named Chase and for some reason i thought he'd be a bit softer. His fur was very coarse, and he was the same size as Esmee. You can see that she was very unsure of him!
We saw the adult lions too and were surprised at how small they are. They look so much bigger on t.v.

The place we were at is called Paradise Valley Springs and has other animals to feed too - goats, llamas, donkeys, sheep, ducks, trout. The trout are HUGE! I'm sure Grandad would have been in heaven and wished he could take his rod and tackle, hehe.

After lunch we went to the Polynesian Spa for a swim in the hot pools and it was bliss...apart from jumping out every few minutes to chase after the kids as they went from pool to pool - there were three with varying temperatures.
They were asleep within 5 minutes of getting in the car on the way home though. It was such a fabulous surprise outing!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

What's in a word?

Today Esmee was very precise in how to tell a boy from a girl:

“Nanna wears lipstick, Granny wears lipstick, you wear lipstick and I wear lipstick. We are girls!

Grandad is not a girl. Him don’t wear lipstick.”

This has come about since i gave her a small tube of lipgloss and every day she goes about with big importance with her handbag and slicks it on her lips! It's so cute!

This evening Xander sat at the dinner table - instead of eating dinner! - and conducted a meeting, complete with minutes!

The essence of it was that daddy was going to bake cakes and i was going to make cookies because i make the best in the whole world, then he wrote

"Xander and Esmee will help with the baking".

We are definately ready for school! I only hope he won't be too far ahead and get bored...

Sunday, July 18, 2010

One step forward, two steps back

but all in the right direction... Of the house that is!
What am i on about?

We purchased our first four pavers two weekends ago. Two shades of grey to give the path a slightly checkered look. All we need is another 140, the sand and the rest of the sleepers. Oh and the money to do it!!

But we put this on hold this weekend and decided to install underfloor insulation as our house is freezing when you aren't immediately in front of the fire.
Not good when Esmee has a horrible cough that has lasted for two weeks and won't go away. Now the doctors have called is ASTHMA but we think this is a crock!

So Alan has spent all weekend under the house, apart from Hockey and sleep and eating ;). And it has already made a difference, even if only the bedrooms have been completed!

Oh, and i'm excited to report that my tulips are sprouting on the deck! I hope the really frosty mornings don't harm them and i'll have some beautiful blooms in Spring :)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Animal day at kindy.
Our little monkey went as a monkey! She even stood up in front of everyone and surprised them with a monkey noise! Surprised me too as she is a quiet little thing in front of strangers - no joke!

They have no idea of her true nature ;)
I think Alan is having fun making dress up costumes for the kids hehehe....

Party Season

It is the beginning of party season now.
And to kick it off we had two this past weekend.

Isla Green had her 3rd birthday party on Saturday morning,
and it was lovely.

Lots of food and even though it was chilly the sun was shining so the kids spent the morning on the trampoline.

Sunday morning had the kids jumping at bounce funland on the bouncy castles or should i say sliding on the giant slide!

It was super chilly in there for the adults but the kids didn't notice and had a fantastic time for Wills' 3rd birthday.

It's hard to believe, well no actually it isn't, that Esmee is going to be 3 in two months time. Very demanding, tempermental, yet affectionate and so cute, she certainly packs a punch and keeps us on our toes! She can now count to ten mostly by herself, recognises her name, can write an X, draws monsters, can hop, can dress herself, loves puzzles, i think the list could actually go on forever!
I really need to book her in for dancing lessons as she is flitting all over the place and wiggling her bottom to any music - just so darn cute!

dressup at Kindy

Esmee's kindy has theme days over the holidays. Her first one was alphabet day where she had to dress as something beginning with the first letter of her name: Elephant.
Ten minutes during breakfast and her very clever dad whipped up a trunk and and ears!

Some of the costumes at kindy were awesome, but of course everyone loved the teacher's one the best - Talia the Toothfairy!

Fun with the Hamiltons

We went and played all day on the first day of our school holidays with our good friends the Hamiltons.
Douglas and Wills, Violet and Rebecca were good enough to have us for morning tea and lunch AND afternoon tea! But i fear Rebecca's kids had had enough of mine before mine had of hers!

They played dress ups, did puzzles, painted canvases and then put buttons on them. Yes they did them, themselves. I just helped Esmee put the glue on.

I'm in the process of putting wire on the back so we can hang them in the kids rooms, they are so lovely!

Our new couch

Sorry for the slackness of posting.
We are in the second week of school holidays and believe it or not, we have been having a lot of fun just spending lots of time together!
With Xander being at all day kindy now it is rare for us to spend quality time together so while Esmee is at Kindy (being at Private kindy she doesn't break over the holidays.), Xander and i have been able to spend time together and it has been lovely. And Esmee has had heaps of playtime with big brother...though that is beginning to wane in it's novelty.

Here are the photos of our new couch! No more bars on our posterior when we sit on the wrong place! Nice and soft, we can stretch out fully, place our (my!) book on the square end. And it is simply fabulous!! a four seater and a 2.5 seater. sigh - so lovely. are you jealous :)
(And that is Xander's prime spot by the way. Despite the couch being super long, the kids fight for just that spot ;s, right in front of the big screen!)