Sunday, July 18, 2010

One step forward, two steps back

but all in the right direction... Of the house that is!
What am i on about?

We purchased our first four pavers two weekends ago. Two shades of grey to give the path a slightly checkered look. All we need is another 140, the sand and the rest of the sleepers. Oh and the money to do it!!

But we put this on hold this weekend and decided to install underfloor insulation as our house is freezing when you aren't immediately in front of the fire.
Not good when Esmee has a horrible cough that has lasted for two weeks and won't go away. Now the doctors have called is ASTHMA but we think this is a crock!

So Alan has spent all weekend under the house, apart from Hockey and sleep and eating ;). And it has already made a difference, even if only the bedrooms have been completed!

Oh, and i'm excited to report that my tulips are sprouting on the deck! I hope the really frosty mornings don't harm them and i'll have some beautiful blooms in Spring :)


Nicole MacDonald said...

what makes you think its a crock? And could it be bronchitis, I know it often gets misdiagnosed as asthma...?

And 4 pavers!! Wow so on the way to a path ;p Its gonna look awesome!

Kerrin said...

a crock because we think it's just a cough! and the inhaler doesn't do any good, but we will persist....