Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Our new couch

Sorry for the slackness of posting.
We are in the second week of school holidays and believe it or not, we have been having a lot of fun just spending lots of time together!
With Xander being at all day kindy now it is rare for us to spend quality time together so while Esmee is at Kindy (being at Private kindy she doesn't break over the holidays.), Xander and i have been able to spend time together and it has been lovely. And Esmee has had heaps of playtime with big brother...though that is beginning to wane in it's novelty.

Here are the photos of our new couch! No more bars on our posterior when we sit on the wrong place! Nice and soft, we can stretch out fully, place our (my!) book on the square end. And it is simply fabulous!! a four seater and a 2.5 seater. sigh - so lovely. are you jealous :)
(And that is Xander's prime spot by the way. Despite the couch being super long, the kids fight for just that spot ;s, right in front of the big screen!)


Nicole MacDonald said...

Love the practical grey colour, Glenn would really like one like that :)

Kerrin said...

actually it's brown, the colour didn't come through on the photo!