Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Party Season

It is the beginning of party season now.
And to kick it off we had two this past weekend.

Isla Green had her 3rd birthday party on Saturday morning,
and it was lovely.

Lots of food and even though it was chilly the sun was shining so the kids spent the morning on the trampoline.

Sunday morning had the kids jumping at bounce funland on the bouncy castles or should i say sliding on the giant slide!

It was super chilly in there for the adults but the kids didn't notice and had a fantastic time for Wills' 3rd birthday.

It's hard to believe, well no actually it isn't, that Esmee is going to be 3 in two months time. Very demanding, tempermental, yet affectionate and so cute, she certainly packs a punch and keeps us on our toes! She can now count to ten mostly by herself, recognises her name, can write an X, draws monsters, can hop, can dress herself, loves puzzles, i think the list could actually go on forever!
I really need to book her in for dancing lessons as she is flitting all over the place and wiggling her bottom to any music - just so darn cute!


Nicole MacDonald said... are the parents not allowed on the slide?? That just seems mean..

Kerrin said...

nope not allowed! very mean, it looks like so much fun!!