Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Surprise outing

Alan took us out for a surprise outing on Sunday. We climbed into the car early in the morning with packed bags. At the turn off to Taupo and Rotorua i was Rotorua!
But where to in Rotorua?
That was made clear when we turned at a sign with a giant poster saying 'COME AND PAT A LION CUB'. OMG!! I was more excited than the kids, because they can't read yet and were a bit dubious...
He is 6 months old, named Chase and for some reason i thought he'd be a bit softer. His fur was very coarse, and he was the same size as Esmee. You can see that she was very unsure of him!
We saw the adult lions too and were surprised at how small they are. They look so much bigger on t.v.

The place we were at is called Paradise Valley Springs and has other animals to feed too - goats, llamas, donkeys, sheep, ducks, trout. The trout are HUGE! I'm sure Grandad would have been in heaven and wished he could take his rod and tackle, hehe.

After lunch we went to the Polynesian Spa for a swim in the hot pools and it was bliss...apart from jumping out every few minutes to chase after the kids as they went from pool to pool - there were three with varying temperatures.
They were asleep within 5 minutes of getting in the car on the way home though. It was such a fabulous surprise outing!


Nicole MacDonald said...

EEEEEEEEEEE I've done this K!! There are pics of me as a 12yr old cuddling a cub. Ohh I'm so in love with Alan right now *grin* Totally gets the awesome family man award from me *grin*

Kerrin said...

i know!! it was so awesome :D The best surprise ever!!!

Wullems clan said...

What an awesome day i was telling Phillip and i think it is on the cards soon too.

Kerrin said...

how exciting Pam!! you will so enjoy it :)