Thursday, July 22, 2010

What's in a word?

Today Esmee was very precise in how to tell a boy from a girl:

“Nanna wears lipstick, Granny wears lipstick, you wear lipstick and I wear lipstick. We are girls!

Grandad is not a girl. Him don’t wear lipstick.”

This has come about since i gave her a small tube of lipgloss and every day she goes about with big importance with her handbag and slicks it on her lips! It's so cute!

This evening Xander sat at the dinner table - instead of eating dinner! - and conducted a meeting, complete with minutes!

The essence of it was that daddy was going to bake cakes and i was going to make cookies because i make the best in the whole world, then he wrote

"Xander and Esmee will help with the baking".

We are definately ready for school! I only hope he won't be too far ahead and get bored...

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