Friday, August 27, 2010

Hearfield Brewers

We are beer makers!
Alan had been talking about home brew for a while and then he finally bought a kit. He wanted to make some in time for his birthday and it takes 3 months for the beer to 'cure'.

Taking careful records

pouring the malt

testing to see if it's ready to bottle!
30 bottles on the bench!

We have made 3 batches now, dropping the yeast, listening to it ferment and stinking up the kitchen and taking up space on the bench, and then bottling in the evening about a week or a week and a half later. A bit of fun.
We've even tasted it. Not bad!
Now we just need to look at getting some labels...

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Pet Sitters

This weekend we have the Guinea Pigs, Marshmellow and Annabeline from Xander's Kindy.
The kids are so excited, Alan less so. The main reason for that - what if Rascal kills them? Well apart from staring at them nearly the entire weekend between the bars and the occasionally paws through the bars, she can't get them!
The kids have had a few holds, pats, and fed them lots! I'm sure kindy will be less than pleased with their weight gain on Monday, hehe. But for the life of me, i can't get them to use the water sipper so they may be a bit dehydrated :(
We've cleaned the cage every day so at least they are clean.

The kids are getting a great lesson in Pet care, although they each have the chore of looking after Rascal's feeding. Esmee gives Rascal her dinner, and Xander gives her breakfast every day, it is good to see them taking an interest in other pets - though dad is very firm "No Guinea Pigs!"

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Winter in the snow

We took the kids to the snow at Mt Ruapehu again. Of course they loved it!

Daddy and Esmee

Grandad about to hit the post
Xander going backwards!

This time, Grandad came with us. He loved the snow as much as the kids - even when he hit the pole at the bottom ;)
Xander was off down so many times on the sled all by himself. We think he is ready for the next level - ski lessons - so next year i think we will be investing in some and the hireage of gear!
Esmee would only go down with Alan, but she had a blast!

We only spent the one day there but had a few days in Taupo. We even got to do some play time with Grandad. Some Wii Bowling. Go Grandad!

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Giants Score!

The Giants played against the Hillcrest Wanderers yesterday morning in the rain, with no subs, So poor Jess, Stirling, Jayden and Xander played the entire game. They were knackered but played an awesome game!
Jayden got 3 goals, but more importantly,(i'm sorry, this blog loads onto facebook but it's dedicated to my children and i'm allowed to brag!) XANDER GOT 3 GOALS!!!

This photo is taken just as he has kicked the ball and it slipped right in.
The next photo was after his next shot, doesn't it just show how proud he is!

The final score was a draw 6-6 but it is the closest win since we have been graded so we will take it thank you!

Sewing up a storm

Esmee asked me last week to make some nappies for Baa Sheep....

She has taken a real shine recently to playing with all her dollies, wanting to dress then, really putting them in the stroller, in the cot, more so than 6 months ago, and when we realised the cost of dolls clothes - $30 for one outfit!! - i decided to make them.
Borrowing and photocopying dolls patterns from a friend and using the huge box of scrap material i have hoarded over the years - hehe! - i have cut out about 12 nappies (some are for playgroup), sewed 3, just need to get velcro to finish them, made a dress for Sophie - one of Esmee's dollies! - a poncho each for Jilly and Baa Sheep,

two vests for Jack, cut out another dress for Jilly, cut vests for playgroup dolls as Pam and i are supposed to be making some for the dolls and as i am on a sewing jag i thought i had better do them now or i never will!

Just need to get to spotlight and buy that velcro...

Phew! Now Xander wants some pj's for Jack, oh and some undies please! Hmm. I think i need a different pattern...

Can anyone see why my house is a mess? Busy doing more important things!

Xander reads

Every day Xander reads to his friends at kindy.
At lunch time and at final mat time the children and teachers are treated to Xander reading them his favourite story of Peter and the Wolf.
He knows this story by heart. He tells it word for word. The children are rapt, captivated and don't seem bored at all, even though he tells it every day, they hang on his every word.
The teachers are enchanted, delighted with his skills.
I hope we have what it takes to nurture this fascinating little man on his journey of life!

Saturday, August 07, 2010


Well, Xander will be starting school in about 4 months, and as most of you know i'm nothing if not organised - well i think too much and way too far ahead!
So to start getting us into a routine for homework and organising our time better for it, i've set aside some time, - or rather have tried to! we've only managed 3 times in the last fortnight :s - ten minutes each afternoon at about 4 o'clock for 'homework'.

Esmee has her own workbook now, focusing on the alphabet and writing each letter if she wants to, or she can draw or colour. Xander does his writing or adding, or subtracting.
They love it!
Esmee has been doing letters at Kids Club at they have implemented a new programme called Read Write Inc where they have little ditty's to help with phonics, so now Esmee can write m while singing "Maisie, mountain, mountain" It's too cute!

And incase you were wondering, i've submitted my application for Teaching, have now had to get an official copy of my records from Vic Uni so am just waiting on that for it all to be complete. Then i will hear back about interviews etc.