Sunday, August 08, 2010

Giants Score!

The Giants played against the Hillcrest Wanderers yesterday morning in the rain, with no subs, So poor Jess, Stirling, Jayden and Xander played the entire game. They were knackered but played an awesome game!
Jayden got 3 goals, but more importantly,(i'm sorry, this blog loads onto facebook but it's dedicated to my children and i'm allowed to brag!) XANDER GOT 3 GOALS!!!

This photo is taken just as he has kicked the ball and it slipped right in.
The next photo was after his next shot, doesn't it just show how proud he is!

The final score was a draw 6-6 but it is the closest win since we have been graded so we will take it thank you!

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Nicole MacDonald said...

Well done Xander :)