Saturday, August 07, 2010


Well, Xander will be starting school in about 4 months, and as most of you know i'm nothing if not organised - well i think too much and way too far ahead!
So to start getting us into a routine for homework and organising our time better for it, i've set aside some time, - or rather have tried to! we've only managed 3 times in the last fortnight :s - ten minutes each afternoon at about 4 o'clock for 'homework'.

Esmee has her own workbook now, focusing on the alphabet and writing each letter if she wants to, or she can draw or colour. Xander does his writing or adding, or subtracting.
They love it!
Esmee has been doing letters at Kids Club at they have implemented a new programme called Read Write Inc where they have little ditty's to help with phonics, so now Esmee can write m while singing "Maisie, mountain, mountain" It's too cute!

And incase you were wondering, i've submitted my application for Teaching, have now had to get an official copy of my records from Vic Uni so am just waiting on that for it all to be complete. Then i will hear back about interviews etc.

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