Sunday, August 22, 2010

Pet Sitters

This weekend we have the Guinea Pigs, Marshmellow and Annabeline from Xander's Kindy.
The kids are so excited, Alan less so. The main reason for that - what if Rascal kills them? Well apart from staring at them nearly the entire weekend between the bars and the occasionally paws through the bars, she can't get them!
The kids have had a few holds, pats, and fed them lots! I'm sure kindy will be less than pleased with their weight gain on Monday, hehe. But for the life of me, i can't get them to use the water sipper so they may be a bit dehydrated :(
We've cleaned the cage every day so at least they are clean.

The kids are getting a great lesson in Pet care, although they each have the chore of looking after Rascal's feeding. Esmee gives Rascal her dinner, and Xander gives her breakfast every day, it is good to see them taking an interest in other pets - though dad is very firm "No Guinea Pigs!"

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