Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Winter in the snow

We took the kids to the snow at Mt Ruapehu again. Of course they loved it!

Daddy and Esmee

Grandad about to hit the post
Xander going backwards!

This time, Grandad came with us. He loved the snow as much as the kids - even when he hit the pole at the bottom ;)
Xander was off down so many times on the sled all by himself. We think he is ready for the next level - ski lessons - so next year i think we will be investing in some and the hireage of gear!
Esmee would only go down with Alan, but she had a blast!

We only spent the one day there but had a few days in Taupo. We even got to do some play time with Grandad. Some Wii Bowling. Go Grandad!


Nicole MacDonald said...

...*sigh*... i think I want to be one of your kids K...

I wanna play in the snow *wail*

Kerrin said...

hehe, oh to be a kid again!!