Monday, September 27, 2010

We've laid our first Pavers!

Despite the rain - it's been terrible this last few months! - Alan donned his jacket and has worked so hard the passed few weekends digging up all the grass and cutting all the wood for the boxed gardens.
Then yesterday i got a load of paving sand.....

And we laid out first two pavers!

Then finished out first little path!!

We are so stoked! What do you think?

Now we just need to fill the gardens, finish digging up the grass and leveling the dirt, get about 6-7 more loads of sand and lay the pavers, place the seating around the gardens and we will be ready for the party.

Oh did i mention we want this done BEFORE the 23rd October?!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

When i Grow up...

Xander: Dad when i grow up, and Esmee grows up, Esmee will have a baby in her tummy and we will live in a different house and i will be the baby's daddy.

Dad: Why?

Xander: Because

Oh the innocence! So he understands that girls have babies - and he wants to protect his sister, sooo lovely!!
We've had the question: How do babies come out of the tummy? and the resulting horrified looks.
But not yet the question of how they get in there! Thank goodness.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Princess Esmee turns 3!!

Well it has come around again. Esmee's birthday.
Our little spitfire, short and full of sass turned 3 on Friday!! She has celebrated in style.
First with a little celebration at kindy on Thursday - in the birthday chair complete with a crown and fairy claps and a playdough cake.

handing out treats to her kindy friends
Then at playgroup she was sung "Happy Birthday", after being given all her presents from mum dad and Xander in the morning.

hand made from mum and dad - clothes line and clothes for her Baa Sheep and Jilly

from Xander

from Mum

From Dad
Saturday was the big day. Party Day. A FairyTale party. Her friends came dressed as their favourite fairytale character and had fun playing musical statues and pass the parcel. And of course the main event - The Castle Cake!
Cheeky Princess!

Lumpy - her favourite present - is just a bit smaller than Esmee!

Our Princess was so spoilt, all the gifts, her friends. Thanks everyone for a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

First dentist appointment

Perfect teeth! Yay. All twenty there and no holes or anything. Phew must be all the insisting on brushing - oh and squeezing all the toothpaste onto the tiny toothbrush head :)

Xander has his appointment at the same time, perfect too! Expect for his bite - may need correcting when he's older, we'll get to that later...

Monday, September 13, 2010

A New Voice

I have entered a writing competition with Mills and Boon this year. Much the same as last year.
There are 3 rounds. Just the 1st chapter in this round and the top then go through to the next round, then we need to submit 2nd chapter. Final round is a pivotal moment in the story, and if we get through to the second round there are editors and mentors to work with for help and advice!
Winner gets the services of an editor for a year, opportunity of entering into a publishing deal with Harlequin (conditions apply), an iPad, hamper of 36 M&B books.
Runner up prizes are pretty awesome too.
But what i'm mainly interested in are if i'm readable or what people think of my writing. So please, be honest!
Or click on the side bar to go there directly, but don't forget to rate it (you'll have to register first) or leave a comment!

Soccer Star

Proud as punch of his first trophy, Player of the Year, and with stoked parents too. Apparently Alan had known for weeks and kept it well under wraps for a nice surprise at the prize giving on Sunday.

Xander Hearfield?
Yeah. That's me!

Jessica came away with the Most Improved Player trophy, well deserved too! Though it was neck and neck between her and Nathaniel with one vote to go, and it could have swung either way, even if it had been up to the coach!

Another season of Soccer may be had next year. Now we are gearing up for school visits starting in October!

Saturday, September 11, 2010


We went on a Kindy outing to the Pukemaru Steam train in Huntly, it's just like a remember going to the steam train rides in Upper Hutt as a child! So much fun and man did the kids enjoy this!

The bus trip from kindy was quite long, but a fabulous part of the adventure.

With a real train conductor coming around to punch tickets and kids had a ball, walking from end to end on the train checking out the tracks, the engine. So much to see!

Xander was exhausted and pretended to have a nap on the bus on the way back to kindy.

Friday, September 10, 2010

I'm a Big Girl Now!

Esmee got her ears pierced on Sunday as an early birthday present.
She was very excited.
But then.... She cried! I felt a bit bad but i think it was more the sound of the gun and the slight prick of the gun. From memory it doesn't hurt that much.

She was super proud the next day and was showing off her sparklies to everyone!
Xander was quite upset that he wasn't a girl and couldn't get his ears pierced! A bit of a funny moment for Alan and myself, so he got a new car track out of it, lots of fun.

Monday, September 06, 2010

Party weekend

Two parties in one day makes us....exhausted!

Nathaniel turns 5 on the 7th and he had a fantastic Pirate party in the morning at Te Totara School hall complete with bouncy castles. His mum did a fabulous job with loot bags and swords and a few games.

In the afternoon we had Charlie's 5th birthday party at the exact same place - who would have figured! His mum did as awesome job organsing every child's name to music for musical statues, lots of games and HEAPS of food!

Of course Xander and Esmee were totally sugared out and now i have to ration the loot bags and contents over the next week or two until Esmee's party, but that's okay, they are nice enough to share with mum and dad!!

Thanks for the wonderful parties Nathaniel and Charlie!

Friday, September 03, 2010

Lantern Parade 2010

WE had the kindy Lantern Parade even though it rained. We did the shorter version around the cul-de-sac.
Xander was disappointed and wanted to keep walking despite the rain!
It is so much fun for the kids, lighting lanterns and singing. Walking after dark!
I don't think it's so much fun when they run away and don't listen though...oh well it was fun while the parade was on.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

First Day of Spring

Why not celebrate it in style?
Pants off and with water!

Doug: "Let's make mud pies"

In and sandpit at the Hamilton's with a trench and warm water, it is so much fun!
Then it got a bit chilly so as a treat the kids got to have a bath - their first in months...
After borrowing some pj's we had a delicious feed of fish and chips then home to bed!

Thanks Doug, Wills, Violet, Rebecca and Grant. Our turn next time!