Monday, September 06, 2010

Party weekend

Two parties in one day makes us....exhausted!

Nathaniel turns 5 on the 7th and he had a fantastic Pirate party in the morning at Te Totara School hall complete with bouncy castles. His mum did a fabulous job with loot bags and swords and a few games.

In the afternoon we had Charlie's 5th birthday party at the exact same place - who would have figured! His mum did as awesome job organsing every child's name to music for musical statues, lots of games and HEAPS of food!

Of course Xander and Esmee were totally sugared out and now i have to ration the loot bags and contents over the next week or two until Esmee's party, but that's okay, they are nice enough to share with mum and dad!!

Thanks for the wonderful parties Nathaniel and Charlie!

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