Monday, October 25, 2010

courtyard finished!

We wanted to hold off until the parties before revealing the 'finished' product.
It's by no means complete, still needs plants in the gardens, the grass levelled, the other gardens lined with sleepers. But you get the courtyard idea!

What do you think?

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Alan's big 30

Well, this was an awesome night. Family and a few good friends, bbq dinner and scrummy dessert.

A burning fire (except for the smoke!), and of course, the cake! Awesome job Pam, very impressive :)

A great way to celebrate a milestone! Happy Birthday Alan whose real birthday is on the 27th.

Xander's Animal Party!

What a fabulous party, even if i do say so myself :)
We had all the family here and all of Xander's wonderful friends, disguised as animals. There was a rabbit, a few leopards, bumble bee, turtle, kangaroo...and Xander the wolf and Esmee the Sheep!
So cute, we started the party with face painting - thanks for the help Pam!

Then Alan brought out the food.

Following that we had a game of duck duck goose, then a game of animal charades with some fantastic imitations by the kids! :)
Lastly we had pin the tail on the wolf, with Imogen winning the closest tail.
And then, nearly forgetting, we had the cake!

Lots of games, lots of sugar and all the kids went home exhausted...i was too but we had to get ready for Alan's party which was in a few hours.

Xander also got a fabulous soccer net which he opened on Sunday. Esmee showed great skill and accuracy lining up the ball and getting some great scores!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

First School Visit

We were so excited this morning as it was Xander's first school visit.
Armed with 'brain food', stationery and lots of excitement off we went to Room 22 at Hukanui School.
Mrs Eyers showed Xander were everything goes, we were given sight word flashcards and an alphabet card for our book bag.

We started off the 8:30 session with reading and writing the pink words,

then had mat time where Xander was introduced to the class along with 3 others.

Then we got the junior school tour and then back to the mat for some writing time.

Yep we did lots of writing, but Xander loved it! And he got stickers for chart. Most exciting.

He was the most enthusiastic when Miss Satler asked if we would come back next week!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Pa and Presents

Pa has come to stay for two weeks in celebration of Xander and Alan's birthday.
Of course the kids were excited to see him, but he also gave them presents! Early for Xander, late for Esmee but very much appreciated!

Hand knitted clothes for Jilly and a lovely orange blanket to Esmee's dolls too!

Xander got straight to work on the build your own Bird feeder kitset! What a fab idea.
Now we are just waiting for some nails and then of course Xander MUST paint it!

Now, bring on the parties...

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Friendship King!

At kindy they have a crown. This crown is the ultimate achievement.
It's a friendship crown. The children have to show good friendship during the day to win the crown for the night. Good words, good hands, helping...everything with their friends!
Everyday i'd pick Xander up and he'd say "I didn't get the crown today."
But today, he did!

He was so proud.
As a special reward at home, we had ice cream! Well done Xander, we know you are a good friend. It is nice that others notice it too :)

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Night Glow

After a hard day's work we have our lights installed!

courtyard, spotlighting the garden (a bit blurry, sorry)

total effect

Of course it will look different when they are spotlighting some trees. And we've decided to add some of the path light ones to the the garden to illuminate the opening of the courtyard.
But it gives a great ambiance, what do you think?

I'll take a photo during the day so you can see the great job the kids and i did of painting the raised gardens! Heaps of fun!