Wednesday, October 20, 2010

First School Visit

We were so excited this morning as it was Xander's first school visit.
Armed with 'brain food', stationery and lots of excitement off we went to Room 22 at Hukanui School.
Mrs Eyers showed Xander were everything goes, we were given sight word flashcards and an alphabet card for our book bag.

We started off the 8:30 session with reading and writing the pink words,

then had mat time where Xander was introduced to the class along with 3 others.

Then we got the junior school tour and then back to the mat for some writing time.

Yep we did lots of writing, but Xander loved it! And he got stickers for chart. Most exciting.

He was the most enthusiastic when Miss Satler asked if we would come back next week!


Nicole MacDonald said...

Awww! Yay for Xander enjoying his first day :) that's fantastic :)

Kerrin said...

isn't it! i am so excited for him! Next week he has another one i have to leave him. Then we will go and buy his uniform!!