Sunday, October 24, 2010

Xander's Animal Party!

What a fabulous party, even if i do say so myself :)
We had all the family here and all of Xander's wonderful friends, disguised as animals. There was a rabbit, a few leopards, bumble bee, turtle, kangaroo...and Xander the wolf and Esmee the Sheep!
So cute, we started the party with face painting - thanks for the help Pam!

Then Alan brought out the food.

Following that we had a game of duck duck goose, then a game of animal charades with some fantastic imitations by the kids! :)
Lastly we had pin the tail on the wolf, with Imogen winning the closest tail.
And then, nearly forgetting, we had the cake!

Lots of games, lots of sugar and all the kids went home exhausted...i was too but we had to get ready for Alan's party which was in a few hours.

Xander also got a fabulous soccer net which he opened on Sunday. Esmee showed great skill and accuracy lining up the ball and getting some great scores!

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Jo at St Andrews Kindergarten said...

Wow Xander what an awesome birthday! Your cake looked fantastic and you looked very wolfie!! I think your friends were having lots of fun by the looks of the photos. Happy birthday nearly 5 year old.