Wednesday, November 24, 2010


well, after having 16 kids around on monday, (i know, sucker for punishment right?!), a mix of kindy friends and new school friends, Xander has settled back into the school routine, albeit a bit clingy at mat time.
But no tears since Monday morning, which i'm relieved with! And he is onto his second writing goal - now using his word card all by himself to find the words to write his sentence/story! He is so proud we have stuck the little notice on his wall above his desk.

Last night we read his readers, then practiced writing a few words without looking at them - he has to know all his 'pink' words inside out before he can move onto the 'red' ones.
You know, those little words we take for granted but are so difficult for beginner readers - said, and here, are the two he is struggling with. But i thought it odd that the word 'a' is not anywhere on the word card. Whenever i ask him when i point it out in a book what it is he says the letter a, not the word 'a'. Tricky!

But he is getting there and very proud of what he is achieving.

And yes Amy, we will come for a visit as Xander has been asking to, so perhaps expect us one morning next week!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

An upset...

Well, Xander is in his second week of school and believe it or not, it has finally set in that it is all work and not very much play!

Yesterday he cried when the bell rang begging me to not leave. To say i was shocked is an understatement! He still gets into his uniform first thing in the morning (except today!) and is so into his writing at home as well as when we get to school and start the 8:30 program.

So i collected him at lunch time - informing him that was a once only deal - and he had a big sleep. Then we set to discovering why he cried.

"It's boring."!!!

Oh dear. He then said: "I want to go back to kindy."

Which told me clearly that he is missing the free play, being able to do whatever whenever he wants!
After informing him that he HAS to go to school, he cried himself to sleep. I felt so mean!

So this morning while walking to school we talked about all the wonderful things he'll learn once he gets the hang of reading, writing and counting. And the things he gets to do at school that Esmee and I don't.
He was a little bit convinced, especially when i said we can sign him up for t-ball next year.

We shall see how he goes. He was really proud showing me his story writing book and excited by the fact if he gets one more tick, he'll have a new writing goal.

It doesn't quite add up: He'd proud of his achievement in only a week, but doesn't want to be there.
I'm sure it boils down to the play thing so i've organised a group of old kindy friends and some new school friends to come for a play on Monday afternoon.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Trip to the gardens

On Tuesday we went to the gardens to see the scarecrows that were entered in the Gathering of the Scarecrows.

St Andrew's Kindergarten entered with 'Michael Recycle'. Made from recycled material he was really cool!
Public vote brought him in 3rd place!

Many other scarecrows were very cool too, submitted from childcare centres, primary schools, Residental care for the elderly, and families.
There was even one that the kids could pretend they were scarecrows!

Of course no trip to the gardens is complete without kids being totally fascinated with all the water features. So much so that one younger sibling of a kindy friend fell into one of the ponds! Luckily there were some quick thinking and reaction parents around...i just watched!

And then, of course, who can resist a steep hill perfect for rolling down?!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Xander is 5!

please excuse me, i have to show everyone our beautiful little man. I can't believe this day has come! It feels so long ago, but also just like yesterday that i held our newborn in my arms for the first time and felt that combination of terror and excitement.
Terror that i had no idea what to do and what if i screw him up in the process, excitement that we had been blessed with such a fantastic child.
Everyday i feel the same.
Okay now i'm feeling weepy! Just look at my baby!!!
1st photo
first smile
First birthday

second birthday

3rd birthday

4th birthday

 And today:

opening Esmee's present

desk for homework and drawing, oh and more presents inside!

today, 5th birthday and off to school!

his class, all singing 'happy birthday'