Friday, November 12, 2010

Trip to the gardens

On Tuesday we went to the gardens to see the scarecrows that were entered in the Gathering of the Scarecrows.

St Andrew's Kindergarten entered with 'Michael Recycle'. Made from recycled material he was really cool!
Public vote brought him in 3rd place!

Many other scarecrows were very cool too, submitted from childcare centres, primary schools, Residental care for the elderly, and families.
There was even one that the kids could pretend they were scarecrows!

Of course no trip to the gardens is complete without kids being totally fascinated with all the water features. So much so that one younger sibling of a kindy friend fell into one of the ponds! Luckily there were some quick thinking and reaction parents around...i just watched!

And then, of course, who can resist a steep hill perfect for rolling down?!

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