Thursday, November 18, 2010

An upset...

Well, Xander is in his second week of school and believe it or not, it has finally set in that it is all work and not very much play!

Yesterday he cried when the bell rang begging me to not leave. To say i was shocked is an understatement! He still gets into his uniform first thing in the morning (except today!) and is so into his writing at home as well as when we get to school and start the 8:30 program.

So i collected him at lunch time - informing him that was a once only deal - and he had a big sleep. Then we set to discovering why he cried.

"It's boring."!!!

Oh dear. He then said: "I want to go back to kindy."

Which told me clearly that he is missing the free play, being able to do whatever whenever he wants!
After informing him that he HAS to go to school, he cried himself to sleep. I felt so mean!

So this morning while walking to school we talked about all the wonderful things he'll learn once he gets the hang of reading, writing and counting. And the things he gets to do at school that Esmee and I don't.
He was a little bit convinced, especially when i said we can sign him up for t-ball next year.

We shall see how he goes. He was really proud showing me his story writing book and excited by the fact if he gets one more tick, he'll have a new writing goal.

It doesn't quite add up: He'd proud of his achievement in only a week, but doesn't want to be there.
I'm sure it boils down to the play thing so i've organised a group of old kindy friends and some new school friends to come for a play on Monday afternoon.


Jo St Andrews Kindy said...

There is such a lot to take in at school and it is very different from Kindy isn't is Xander? Some things are the same though but there is lots of sitting and listening and it can be tiring in the first weeks. Mummy is a good girl giving you some time out to recharge your batteries though. Mothers are very clever aren't they?

take care Special Boy.

Love Jo

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear our confident, out-going, clever boy is sad about school!
Xander, we miss you too! Spend a couple of weeks getting to know what school's all about and then come back and visit us - you'll see just how much you've grown and (hopefully) go back to school recharged and ready to learn. Can't wait to hear all about t-ball, and see your writing books!
Big hugs from Amy :-)

Kerrin said...

thanks guys! it's so nice to hear, and read :), that you are thinking of him.
He is a lot better now, is only a bit clingy but has stopped crying when i leave!
He is so proud of his efforts at school, and is already onto his second writing goal!