Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Xander is 5!

please excuse me, i have to show everyone our beautiful little man. I can't believe this day has come! It feels so long ago, but also just like yesterday that i held our newborn in my arms for the first time and felt that combination of terror and excitement.
Terror that i had no idea what to do and what if i screw him up in the process, excitement that we had been blessed with such a fantastic child.
Everyday i feel the same.
Okay now i'm feeling weepy! Just look at my baby!!!
1st photo
first smile
First birthday

second birthday

3rd birthday

4th birthday

 And today:

opening Esmee's present

desk for homework and drawing, oh and more presents inside!

today, 5th birthday and off to school!

his class, all singing 'happy birthday'


Wullems clan said...

Im not even the mum and i had a little tear. Man he is so grown up

Kerrin said...

i know isn't he! i just love his second birthday pic - so cute!
And he looks so little in his uniform, admittedly it is a size bigger, but he'll grow into it!

Teachers St Andrews Kindy said...

Oh Xander you are so grown up now! You look so '├žool for school'in your Hukanui uniform. Bronya has been looking out for you. Our friend Emily started school at about the same time as you. Is she in your class?

P.S. you were such a wee cutie when you were little!

Love from Jo, Sarah, Amy, Liane, Fi and Raywin and all your kindy friends