Friday, December 10, 2010

A bit of a Christmas Carol

On Tuesday Xander's school had a Sharing Day. This is where they show us what they have done this term, and because it's nearly Christmas, we had a bit of a show.

Apparently, Xander taught the class, He Wears a Red Red Coat, so he is all dressed up in his red cape (we don't have a red coat!) with a santa sack.
It's adorable!
When he waves and beams, Alan has just walked in, having missed most of the songs, but Xander doesn't care - Dad's here!

And yes i know, a big upload dump, but i've been busy - it's nearly Christmas and we are all busy. Enjoy :)

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Wullems clan said...

So cute he looks like he is loving school. Xander looked so proud up there you can so see when alan arrives cute