Friday, December 10, 2010

School Days

Every morning Xander has at school what they call The 8:30 program. I view this as a chance to work with Xander on learning his words, writing and sometimes a bit of maths if he doesn't want to write - which isn't often!
He is doing so well and in just 4 short weeks he has already learnt all the words in the pink box, how to read them, write them and even spell them. We've moved onto the red words, even though his teacher hasn't tested him on the pink ones yet (she's been a bit busy with report cards and the sharing day!).

Of course, Esmee wants to do writing too (younger siblings are allowed to come along for the program), so we bring along her writing book and this week we have focussed on numbers.

It's lovely to see them working so hard, and seeing the pride they have in their results!

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Wullems clan said...

So cute can have one doing something with out the other.