Tuesday, December 21, 2010

So this is Christmas! a few photos...

It is quite scary how the year has moved so quickly! - or is it just me and realising time is very precious indeed?!
What have we done to prepare?:

Esmee loves crafts - she has made at least ten decorations for the tree!
Xander has had his little concert at school:
santa Xander

We've put up the tree and decorated it with our wonderful creations:

decorating the tree
both kids decorating decorations for the tree

And we've had a wonderful early christmas with Granny, Grampa and Aunty Angelina!

the tree is full - look at all the pressies!!
first present
presents for Granny and Grampa

Xander rips into it :)
wow, a big bike!
massive box of barbie stuff!
early xmas dinner
Merry Christmas!

my baked alaska

And then some Christmas lights:

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subservient-husband said...

wow, no training wheels.

Looks like everyone had a happy christmas.