Monday, January 31, 2011

Gold pants?

Yep, i don't think the colours really are the right choice for their uniform - they look like they should be starring in a rap video! - but the Pirates had a National Tournament in Hamilton this weekend.

Alan is number 6. It was interesting to watch - have no idea of the rules but it is rather exciting watching the players bash through each other to get the ball to the goal, oh and whacking each other with their sticks (legally!).
Alan has a blast and the kids thought it was fun being ball boys. Not so fun that it was the whole weekend, but we love him and support him!
Go Pirates!!

Sophie's Neverland Party

Our good friend Sophie turned 5 last week, and she saw it in with a bang - a fabulous Neverland Party!
We all know how much kids love to dress up, coupled with theme games and parties are a hit!

Pirate - Ol' No Legs Xander, and Fairy Esmee - Petal Goblin Fly!

Walking in to a house with signs for Lost Boys Hideout and Mermaid Lagoon and Pixie Hollow, it was a real Neverland!

And then lots of lollies, a pirate name and fairy name to decorate, stick the star on the wand (Xander won!), then a treasure hunt for the goodie bags. Oh and i forgot the bouncy castle.

On Guard!
One of the grownups got right into it and had a sword fight with the kids - made their day!

Then the main event - the birthday cake. A really fantastic teapot house for Tinkerbell! Well done Pam!!

Esmee goes to kindy! (again)

Yep, our little girl is now in Hukanui Kindy. Just a short walk from home and a quick pickup after school, this is much closer to home!
And...she loves it!

The playground, the face painting - yep every day she gets to paint her own face! It is joy to see her so happy when i pick her up.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Dinner Dramas

Ok so, positive reinforcement just wasn't cutting it, so last night i implemented (with the backup of Alan!) the negative effects of Esmee not eating her dinner = loss of toys for every 5 mins she's at the table when we've all finished. After 25 minutes she'd lost a good lot of toys (ended up taking entire boxes away!), and faked vomitting, was sent to bed.

Tonight with the possibility of earning her toys back (one by one, or box by box!) by eating her dinner, she failed. Choosing instead to spit out her water and food, down her chin. *sigh* sent to bed with a good growling and more toys confiscated.

We aren't too worried about the number of toys accumulating in our bedroom - we are in the process of starting to renovate her room, and will need them all out anyway!

Why do we have such a beautiful stubborn daughter?

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Summer = water

Don't you just love the nice long warm days of summer? I say warm and not hot because it's been way too hot here in Hamilton!
To counter this we have been spending a lot of time in various pools or bodies of water.

On the 3rd of Jan we had a bbq at the Greens' house, which meant the kids swam in the pool.

On the following weekend, our neighbour invited us to Horohoro for a swim/seabiscuit. Slowly the kids gained confidence with their noodles in the shallow (below Alan's knees!) water.

Over the past few weeks we've also been lucky enough to swim at Alan's work pool.
The kids have gone from clutching us with death grips around the neck (Esmee), to jumping in wearing only flutterwings (Xander).
Esmee, who doesn't even like washing her hair in the shower has gained so much confidence she was even kicking while on her back! And she is at arm's length with the noodle and/or her new flutter wings.
Xander went from kicking around the pool with the noodle, or monkeying around the pool's bar, to jumping in the water to the noodle, then without the noodle, and finally he was swimming from one of us to the side of the pool (about 5 kicks away).

the camera was too slow to catch Xander's jump, but you get the idea!

They have accomplished in one month, the water confidence we have paid hundreds of dollars for that didn't do this much for them!
I think we'll continue as we are, then pay for proper lessons. Lessons that actually teach them to swim, not float and gain confidence, because, clearly, they are doing that in a warmer and more fun environment - just my observation!

Saturday, January 08, 2011

photo montage of Christmas and Taupo holiday

Our home away from home, and the playhouse behind it.
loving Nanna and Grandad's awesome back yard, including swings!
Also the playhouse and the old pram!

an insane amount of pressies! Oh, but lots of excitement!!
the santa sacks are full!
ooh, pretty laptop!
cool train and road

her own scooter!

Boxing day at DeBretts Hot springs spa. missed the shot of Alan and Xander!

he loved it, but didn't want to go down the slide again!

Esmee preferred the kids area
At the Taupo Rodeo

all i could think was the poor calf!

colouring Grandad's stone

excited to be on the boat!

a dip with dad.
took a lot of persuasion, but she finally got in!

Happy. On the way back to the wharf, and food!
BaaSheep in the old pram both Mum and Nanna used as children!

Happy Birthday Nanna

Alan on the seabiscuit - sucker for punishment!

As you can see, we had an awesome time! Uncle Matt went on the biscuit too, but i don't have the photos!
Hope everyone had a wonderfully good Christmas and new year holiday :)