Thursday, January 20, 2011

Dinner Dramas

Ok so, positive reinforcement just wasn't cutting it, so last night i implemented (with the backup of Alan!) the negative effects of Esmee not eating her dinner = loss of toys for every 5 mins she's at the table when we've all finished. After 25 minutes she'd lost a good lot of toys (ended up taking entire boxes away!), and faked vomitting, was sent to bed.

Tonight with the possibility of earning her toys back (one by one, or box by box!) by eating her dinner, she failed. Choosing instead to spit out her water and food, down her chin. *sigh* sent to bed with a good growling and more toys confiscated.

We aren't too worried about the number of toys accumulating in our bedroom - we are in the process of starting to renovate her room, and will need them all out anyway!

Why do we have such a beautiful stubborn daughter?


subservient-husband said...

that is a tough stage. Our eldest went through it about five or six and our youngest is going through it now.

What we do, at my wife's direction, is to let he choose how much of a portion he gets. He then has to eat it b4 being excused. It is a fight sometimes, but that is really what they are after. The attention from being disobedient.

anyway, best of luck with that.

Kerrin said...

yeah, SH they do it mostly for the attention in think!
But luckily losing her toys have done the trick!