Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Summer = water

Don't you just love the nice long warm days of summer? I say warm and not hot because it's been way too hot here in Hamilton!
To counter this we have been spending a lot of time in various pools or bodies of water.

On the 3rd of Jan we had a bbq at the Greens' house, which meant the kids swam in the pool.

On the following weekend, our neighbour invited us to Horohoro for a swim/seabiscuit. Slowly the kids gained confidence with their noodles in the shallow (below Alan's knees!) water.

Over the past few weeks we've also been lucky enough to swim at Alan's work pool.
The kids have gone from clutching us with death grips around the neck (Esmee), to jumping in wearing only flutterwings (Xander).
Esmee, who doesn't even like washing her hair in the shower has gained so much confidence she was even kicking while on her back! And she is at arm's length with the noodle and/or her new flutter wings.
Xander went from kicking around the pool with the noodle, or monkeying around the pool's bar, to jumping in the water to the noodle, then without the noodle, and finally he was swimming from one of us to the side of the pool (about 5 kicks away).

the camera was too slow to catch Xander's jump, but you get the idea!

They have accomplished in one month, the water confidence we have paid hundreds of dollars for that didn't do this much for them!
I think we'll continue as we are, then pay for proper lessons. Lessons that actually teach them to swim, not float and gain confidence, because, clearly, they are doing that in a warmer and more fun environment - just my observation!

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