Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Renovation Time!

Because you never can finish a job (landscaping!) before something else has to be done!

Esmee's Room before

We ripped the gib off the kids bedroom walls over the weekend. This was my favourite part, punching holes in the wall :)
We were right - no batts!

So mum and Dad came up to help. Putting in builders paper, then stuffing the holes with batts, and finally covering it all back up with gib. I even got to drill some of the screws into the wall.

We hit a snag whilst putting in the lights - there are too many cables! So now waiting for an electrician to arrive then we can start plastering the gaps and after all the scotia, skirting boards and architraves are done, we can paint!

But wow what a difference! Already the rooms feel a bit cooler - yay for protecting against the heat! (I'll post the final picture this afternoon - have to get to daycare now :)

It will definitely cut down on the illnesses over winter.

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