Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Xander's School Days

Xander has settled into school this term really well. Making lots of friends, making the teachers work hard with all the assessing as he keeps moving on them! (academically!!)
He even got a Principal award for his willingness to learn :D

I'm not too sure about what Maths they do, whenever i ask he says things like: "We played on the number mat" "We worked on number 11" Really, JUST the number 11?
So this is an area i will be discussing with his teachers at the learning conference (Their phrase for parent-teacher interviews!)

But he doing great guns on his reading and we work often on his word card to help him progress to the next level.

Here are some of the stories up on the wall at school. In true Xander style!

yep, our little man is firm believer and member of the rubbish patrol.
They don't have an official name, he just picks up rubbish with friends some lunchtimes!!

i forgot to take a picture of his art for this blurb :(

These are some of the ways Xander helps to be responsible

Good grief, i think we've been watching too much How To Train Your Dragon!

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