Monday, April 25, 2011

Busy Easter

So for the final long weekend of the year (Easter weekend), did we relax?
Did we just eat chocolate and hot cross buns?

Well, first we didn't have any hot cross buns :( (i forgot to get some!)
Second, we didn't relax.

We set to finishing Esmee's room. A few sandings, layer of plaster, installing gib cove, sealing.

Then today we got out the paintbrushes! Alan did the ceiling, then....

the colour reveal!

Esmee puts on the first strokes!

Xander having a go

Our first coat, done! It's PINK!

Esmee is delighted with the result so far. We still have to do the windows and doors and the skirting boards. But that will be another weekend!

So. How did you spend your easter?


subservient-husband said...

When the paint is on, the big work is done. Looks great! Maybe some stencils? Princess castile mural?

Nicole MacDonald said...

Gorgeous! I'm just wetting myself trying to imagine Glenn watching the kids have a go at painting - you'd be able to hear the teeth grinding as he restrains his perfectionsist nature from here *lol*