Thursday, April 07, 2011

Soccer and an accident

Well, i was going to post some photos of my first game of soccer...but i look terrible! So i'll just tell you we won 1-0! We had fitness and striking training last night as a result and all i can say is...OUCH! I hurt all over, but am thinking it's for the best, hopefully by the end (i don't think it will be any sooner!) i will be able to keep up with the other great ladies in my team and last longer than 20 or so minutes on the field. Watch this space.

But, Xander had an accident while at the game. He was ever so clever to make sure he did it just at the end. He scootered, at top speed, into a pole. The result was a massive hematoma on his forehead that caused me to blanch in horror, which in turn caused him to burst into tears after Alan had calmed him down - go mum!!

about 20 mins after the hit, Sunday


He is now a bit puffy across the nose, has a nice little bruise along his right brow and top eyelid, and a yellowing ball where he bumped. Do i think this will stop him from scootering so fast?? Not a chance!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Xander on winning your first soccer match of the season. You will need to slow down on your skate board, so you don't have any more accidents.

Enjoy your day and have fun with Grandad at the car racing next Saturday.

Love Auntie Jennie

Anonymous said...

Hello Xander

Silly Auntie Jennie, should have read skooter not skate board.


Kerrin said...

no Jenny, it was MY soccer game! Xander's doesn't start until May!