Monday, June 06, 2011

June? June!

Goodness me the months have slipped by so fast!
I've finished my first semester of Early childhood study and now have a few weeks break - be that to catch up on life and actually realise that time is flying?!

So, i've been a bit slack with blogging. Sorry.
A bit of a catch up;
Esmee is doing dancing again this term. Xander, Alan and I are playing Soccer - makes for a hectic weekend, but it's fun!

On Friday's i look after my friends kids while she works. We got to playgroup, then play at home, then collect the boys from school. It's fantastic! Isla is enjoying the company and Esmee is thrilled to spend the time with her showing her the things we do.
Last week, we did some art work with Autumn leaves. Lots of fun!

Xander has been learning about FireWise at school, had the firemen and the truck come for a visit, and to his and Esmee's delight they got to practice our fire escape plan and climb out his bedroom window! Of course with strict instructions this is to be done ONLY in an emergency. (I caught them doing it again the next day.)

Xander got picked in class for being good all week (funny because he's been home Tues and Wednesday with Tonsilitis!) and he got to bring Wally the Wombat home. We packed a lot into this weekend - lucky it was a long one ;)

Esmee has homework at kindy. Very simple. Find an item in the house that begins with the letter of the week. She gets to take it to kindy, put it in the homework box and at mat time (last 15 mins of kindy) gets to show everyone what she brought. Last week was D. She took a little diamond keyring. Was so cute!

I wonder what everyone's reaction will be when she takes her giant Lumpy (Elephant) this week for E!

And tomorrow is my birthday! I don't care that i'm getting a year older (29!), it's a day all about me (at least in my little corner of the world) and i love it. So bring on the cake!!

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