Saturday, June 25, 2011

Wanderers best fans and supporters

Alan and Xander and Esmee come to every one of my games.
Xander sits in his chair, or stands on the sideline with me (I'm a sub), and says "Go Hayley!" (There are two of them in my team, but he just loves the Hayley that has yellow boots!)

Esmee coming to say "I love you". Her personal brand of good luck, while i'm warming up!

At the game in Morrinsville, our two biggest supporters sat in their cheers chanting "Go Wanderers! Go Wanderers!". I think that's why we had such a fantastic game and won!
The team love the kids cheering them on (i haven't heard otherwise!) and they are really keen to help Lee, our coach carry the gear to the cars after the game.

Thank you my beautiful, wonderful supporters!!

(Thank you Monica and Andrea for the beautiful photos!)

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