Saturday, July 30, 2011


Our cheeky little mischievous 12 week old pup loves me the best! His favourite position is on my knee.
So far i've managed to teach him to sit, and we are working on stay. He hates the lead, but once he worked out he would get a treat for walking nicely and not pulling, he began to behave.

We are still having a few issues with peeing inside - like this morning i was having a lay in and Alan held the door open for him to go outside - well, he peed on the mat instead! So i think some training sessions between Alan and Buster are in order - then maybe he'll listen to more than just me!

He is very playful and likes to pick up things like socks, cars, even dressinggowns and run with them around the house. The kids are learning quickly to not leave their things on the floor (finally!).

Now we are teaching him to use the cat door to go outside when he needs to pee, so to save the mat!!

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