Saturday, July 30, 2011

School holidays = down time! (and snow!)

Yep, school holidays is where most people go away somewhere. For the first week, we went to Taupo and stayed with Nanna and Grandad.
The kids got lost in cartoons - they have sky!

Then on the Wednesday we all got wrapped up in our snow clothes and up the mountain we went!
Nanna and her friend came too - it was heaps of fun.


They fell off!

Esmee preferred to play in the snow - especially after going down the slope on the sled with me, and we fell off! I don't think i'll be going on the sled with Esmee for a long time - i always make her fall off!

Alan and Xander had a fab time going down and up again.

Even Nanna had a turn on a little slope! Go Nanna!!

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