Tuesday, August 30, 2011

nearly September already??!

So sorry i haven't been updating recently. No excuse really. Just soccer for first 3, then 4, now only 2 of us. Plus all the rest of our busy lives :)
So prepare for the big info and photo post dump!!

Alan's team finished 2nd in the division.

Alan's in the blue, in the middle
And my team finished 5th of 8 having won 7 games and losing 7 games. My team and i are also participating in a tournament in Waiuku in September so i need to keep on the ball until then - i managed to go from doing 10 mins in a game (90 mins long) to a whole half (45 mins). I aim tp keep that fitness up for next tear and maybe i can do a whole 90 minutes.

Xander's soccer: We have two games left! After being in the top of the grade and winning every game (i think we may have lost 1??) we were re-graded to the next level down and so far we have lost every game! Fingers crossed we can win our last two! To check out how they have been doing and to see some action shots view the website Alan set up

At the beginning of term and coincidently beginning of August, we enrolled both Esmee and Xander for soccer skills after school on Monday. They are both doing really well!

Xander is in a group with all the older kids (up to about 10), learning how to dribble ball using outside of foot, stopping and controlling the ball etc, and Esmee is with the 4 year olds, getting general ball handling experience, mostly learning how to control and stop it with feet rather than hands!

Alan played a game of indoor Lacrosse one Saturday night and brought us along to cheer. During a break he got the kids in the rink (played on the inline hockey rink) to have a go!

Xander had a school disco on Friday with a World Cup theme. Here he is all dressed up!

Go AllBlacks!

He had a blast with his mates. He and his friend Zac were shuffling and breakdancing on the floor. Awesome sight :)

And of course Buster. He is doing really well. Mostly toilet trained but we are not that confident to leave him out of his crate whilst we are out (Xander walked some of his deposits into the carpet unknowingly in Esmee's room!). We start Puppy Preschool next week which is geared towards socialising him with other puppies. At the moment he yaps and puffs up and growls at the sight of another dog, so we are hopeful he will learn to calm down!
He has had all his shots now, so has been introduced to daily walks to visit the big wide world. He has taken to it with relish :)

Monday, August 08, 2011

Buster and the kids

Player of the Day

After holidays and a couple of wet weekends it was great to see everyone back and fighting fit.
The first game of the Champ Round saw us with a game against the Cannons, who we had played in the last round, and the game did not disappoint.

From the sideline there was a great sense of excitement for the spectacle of football we were treated to, with everyone playing their part and some wonderful teamwork leading to some well constructed goals. 

Eshan stepped up to get stuck in and chased down the ball, Abbey and Liana worked tirelessly stopping some serious attacks from the Cannons and turning the ball over. Wil and Ethan showed what a force the Giants can be on attack, with Wil scoring the most improbable goal that left adults on the sideline scratching there head as to how it went in and begging to be taught how to do it.  However the day belonged to Xander, turning the ball over in the middle of the park he sped down and slotted the ball between the posts, he broke out the shuffle to the amusement of the sideline (watch  LMFAO - Party Rock Anthem  if you don't know what shuffling is). To go with this he was all over the park and envolved in everything.

Xander was a well deserved Player of the day.

Final Score 7 - 0